IMPS is an Intelligent Mass Posting System that actively reads the content of a job advert and then posts it out to the most relevant job boards, aggregators and any number of social platforms.

IMPS ensures that a job advert always reaches and attracts the very best applicants. All applications are then delivered straight into your Talent Management System.

IMPS has consistently delivered for us! It provides seamless and encyclopedic coverage of just about every market. Quite simply it's a trusted partner that always performs.




IMPS is not directly available to the hirer market and can only be used in conjunction with a TMS provider.

This means as a TMS provider you can immediately deliver a complementary, benefit laden product to your clients and realise a brand new revenue stream.

IMPS provides the service to you at a wholesale price. All you do is simply integrate your TMS via XML, create the relevant GUI and agree a pricing structure with your clients.


IMPS is not available directly to the hirer market and can only be used in conjunction with a TMS provider.

IMPS provides the cost of the service to the TMS at a wholesale price, to which the TMS generates the relevant GUI and pricing for their clients.

The TMS can then take advantage of a new revenue stream and complimentary product that provide numerous benefits to their clients.


IMPS has been developed so that a TMS can provide their clients with a powerful, talent-attraction solution that delivers.

  • Intelligent Job Posting
  • Extensive Reach
  • Targeted Response
  • Seamless Delivery
  • One Cost
  • Simple Process
  • Cross Vertical Talent Attraction
Over 4,500 job boards in the network
Over 60 million users per month
330job boards
The average job advert will appear on over 330 job boards within the network
32 Applications
An average of 32 applications are delivered per job posted
Save £3,250 per ad.
The average client saves £3,250 per job posted

How it works

IMPS works through "Smart Simplicity". Your client posts a job advert to IMPS through your TMS.


IMPS intelligently reads job content. It's pioneering parsing technology then identifies key information including salary, sector, location and all relevant skills.


Parsed content is smartly matched to the most relevant boards, aggregators and social sites within the network. The job advert is then posted within seconds to only the best and most relevant sites.


Every single candidate who applies is delivered directly to the client's TMS where they can be managed through the hiring process. Seamless and simple!

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